Wedding Trends 2011 [Part II: Design]

Design as a noun informally refers to a plan for the construction of an object or a system while “to design” (verb) refers to making this plan.

No generally-accepted definition of “design” exists, and the term has different connotations in different fields. Bringing together over 80 vendors for the 2011 NACE Wedding Trends annual event, brings together some of the finest design teams, and some of the finest explorations of what design is.

Where else can you find a vintage plane flanked by a 70′ stage, surrounded by fabulous linen and floral masterpieces all highlighted by some of the finest lighting techniques? Look no further than the 160′ x 200′ space created on April 22 by the best of the best showcasing some of the latest wedding trends!

Venue and Stage Backdrop:  1940s Air Terminal Museum
Lighting and Rigging:  Bright Star Productions
Linens:  Over The Top
Floral/Decor:  Plants & Petals
Floral/Decor:  Darryl & Co
Screen Production:  DJU Productions
Linens and Chairs:  Elegant Beginnings
Stage and Draping:  TechAVE
Linens:  The Perfect Touch
Invitation/Stationary:  Atelier du Papier
Graphics/Marketing:  BranditBandits
Photography:  Laura Burlton and David Jones with DJones Photography



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