Do Extraordinary – NACE Awards

I have been told more than a few times in that I have a lot of passion.  Passion is a compelling force.  You can feel it.  People can feel it.  Some run from it.  Others embrace it.

Many do not know of the white ink Kanji symbol tattooed on my upper back, which translates into the English word passion.  This would be the place where I truly hold it.  It’s where I hold my power and emotion to do extraordinary things.  I do extraordinary things for two people: myself and my clients.

It is well-known that I do not want my events to be ordinary, not for me, and certainty not for them. While I get to enjoy throwing parties on a weekly basis, I will never get to throw this exact party or design for this exact guest ever again.  Even if it is a repeat client, we only get one shot.  It should be filled with passion, and it should be extraordinary.

I have had many call this ideal “complicated”.  So, be it. I call it something far greater and far more meaningful.  It’s not all about me, but if this is my path in life, I am going to make it an amazing journey, and one that I am proud of.  I am truly passionate about being a great event planner for me, my family, and my clients. I think what I do is more than that, but this seems to summarize it for now.

The second reason I do extraordinary things is for my clients.  They deserve it.  Just as hiring any service professional, being fantastic at what you do is what any of us look for when hiring someone.  You want passion and you want extraordinary.  My clients come into my professional world for a brief season, and we strive to make that time memorable. More often than not, I cry when we part ways.  Some linger and we occasionally keep up with each other through social media, but the day in and day out interaction has been replaced by the next amazing client, and the journey towards the next extraordinary moment begins.

I truly love writing the story of that moment in time.  I don’t think of myself as a good writer, but I do it regardless.  I love my fabulous vendors who embrace my passion and journey with me to create something extraordinary. I love reflecting on the pictures.  I love being proud of the accomplishment. I love seeing the look of happiness on my client’s faces.  The blog is my way of keeping that moment in time alive.

Sometimes I am a behind in writing a great story, but the sense of being inspired makes the wait worth it. This post is a perfect example of being inspired.  Recently, I received a national award from my industry peers and was so humbled that I wasn’t really sure how to share the news.  I am always so proud of the events Kat Creech Events gets hired to plan, design, and execute. Every single event has been extraordinary for my clients.

For the first time in my career, I submitted a few events into a national competition for the NACE Awards at the National Association of Catering Executives Conference. Winning is always the goal, but it felt really good just submitting them.  I was proud.  The client was proud.  Was it extraordinary when they called my name out as a winner?  Oh my!  Was it ever!

Mike & Carol’s wedding was dramatic and quite a production.  It was nothing but exceptionally extraordinary.  I had one of the judges approach me at the conclusion of the gala, wanting to thank me for telling such a compelling story.  He said he felt like he was there.  He felt like he could hear the choir and see the rose petals rain.  Hearing this might just be better than the award itself!  I am honored to have won a national award for “2010 Best Wedding Event of the Year (budget $25K-$75K)”.

I took the stage one more time to receive the “2010 Best Catered Event On Premise of the Year (budget $25k-$75K)”. The CGG Holiday Party was such a fun playground.  I love reflecting on the lighting and the white polar bear fur linen. Ah, that linen was so soft.  It was my favorite. The food design was beyond spectacular.  It was Extraordinary.  It is what I like to do for my clients.  They deserve it. Every person who has an event deserves to be on the receiving end of an award.  It is just a compelling power of emotion.  

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