Darby + Bart Engagement Photos

Styling and designing engagement photos is one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process. No stress….well, other than what to wear, outfit change, props, where to shoot, weather conditions, and lighting. And, lets not even think about if we are having a good hair day, a pimple appears, or if one is having a good day or bad one.  And, of course, being comfortable in front of a camera is always critical. But, alas…all in a days work.  Open up a bottle of Prosecco, have a few laughs, and we are off to a great start!

Styling a shoot truly allows for interesting moments to happen. In the end, there are only so many ways you can look up, down, glance sideways, smile, smirk, not smile, and give that “sexy” look. Adding props are fun, of course, props should always fit the personality of the subjects and the wedding style. Though props also can have a secret secondary purpose, without the clients knowing, it gives their hands something to do. Ah, the pressure of where to place those hands! With a little bit of time and creativity, great and comfortable moments happen. And, if all else, you might find the wedding designer doing the running man behind the photographer to capture that true smile.

For Darby + Bart’s engagement photos, the couple wanted to incorporate a variety of aspects. They wanted to express not only who they are as a couple, but their families and their upcoming nuptials as well. A wild field gave the engagement photos a vintage quality, one aspect that was very important for both of them. Enjoying a piece of natural wonder, a parasol in the sun, and a romantic picnic all created the feel of leaving the modern world for simpler times. Utilizing the mother of the bride’s passion for transforming pieces of furniture, they tied in the importance of family, something they both strongly believe in.  Enjoy some highlights from Darby + Bart’s engagement photos.  I know we have.   

Photo Shoot Design:  Kat Creech Events
Photography:  Steve Lee 
Hair & Makeup:  Your Beautiful Face

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