Weddings in Houston Magazine Style Shoot

The team of Kat Creech Events had the humble pleasure of styling a baroque meets burlesque fantasy style shoot for Weddings in Houston Magazine.   For us, the inspiration for this shoot was all about no having boundaries and everything being just right.  We were thrilled with this opportunity and immediately looked to Marie Antoinette for a little style inspiration. In the 18th century, fashion was everything. It provided confidence and made a visual statement. The team blended baroque and burlesque style together to create a perfectly refined eclectic style. Baroque was often thought of as a period of artistic style using exaggerated motion. Burlesque takes literary, dramatic or musical work intending to indicate a bright or high-spirited mood with a contrast to seriousness. All together they represent a style of femininity. Life was bold. People were passionate. Colors were dramatic. Details were relentless. Stylized to perfection. This would be the foundation and the inspiration for this conceptual design, an environment so grand and centered around the pretty little details.

A fashion style shoot takes on the philosophy of anything goes. There are no rules, no budget constraints, and generally the most impractical idea is the best idea. For the Weddings in Houston Magazine style shoot, brusque meets baroque and we wanted to provide the unexpected. We wanted the readers to want more, to dream about the environment, to make up their own story. We hoped to leave the readers with a little bit of mystery of who might show up for this dinner among the majestic oaks. 

We are beyond thrilled the publishing team of this elite magazine loved it so much, they showcased six pages of epic glory in the center of the summer edition. Welcome to opulence among the oaks, where baroque meets burlesque in a sun-draped forest clearing. 

The table design was destined to inspire the readers and be unique in every way.  Not only unique to the reader, but unique to the puppeteers creating the design.  As designers and stylists, we often follow numerous fashion blogs, catering blogs, event blogs, and attend national conferences. We often find ourselves pushing the design envelope to be cutting edge in  the market, allowing our clients to enjoy the passion of what we do.  Styling perfect atmospheres within the clients budget is what we do really well.   Without having any constraints to what the client wants and what their investment is allowed for unlimited amount of dreaming. It was time to take the intangible dream and create an epic reality and inspired the future brides in the Houston market, and quite possibly beyond. 

Since the burlesque meets baroque concept had an underling opportunity to be eccentric, this allowed for each place setting at the table to be a little bit different.  This truly allowed for the creativity to soar as we were not confined to making each charger, vessels, and glassware match. There was an opportunity to create a consistent thesis, without being literal, but blending different design elements together effortlessly.  The basis of the color palette was bold, focusing on mint green and gold.  The table elements highlighted an artful style, embracing textiles, jewelry, graphic art, household items, utensils, and lighting.  The direction was to be stylized , representing design in an artful way.  Clean and crisp with a purpose.  The overall style was about how art should be a way of life.

To find the perfect location for such a masterpiece to be created, Kat Creech Events wanted a private property to execute to dream.  The reasoning was to present an atmosphere where no event had been documented. No preconceived concepts, if you will. It would provide a unique quality to not only the readers, but also to the magazine publishing team as well as the wedding industry.    Fortunately, Kat Creech knew of just the place, a paradise of 62 acres in the middle of the city filled with majestic oaks cascading with Spanish moss.  It is picturesque.  Even better, there is an area called the Secret Garden, tucked away.  The rays of the sun through the trees dapples on the area and is a perfect retreat to play or relax with a great book.  It has been calling Kat’s name for a few years, begging for something to be style on these glorious grounds.   Enjoy!

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creative partners:  kat creech events:  lead designer  |  steve lee:  photography |  dream bouquet:  floral  | eb, inc event rentals:  linen and chairs  |  plants ‘n petals:  lounge furniture |  blue leaf:  china and decor accents  | who made the cake:  wedding cakes | your beautiful face:  hair and makeup  |  ivory bridal atelier:  bridal gown

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