Glow Party Birthday Themed Bash

Madison + Austin celebrated nine and five with a glow party birthday themed bash.  The garage was transformed into a glow in the dark paradise.  Black lights illuminated the space while a few art stations allowed for some artful expressions.  And, boy, was that fun! Body painting, highlighters, and t-shirt designs kept the children creating masterpieces for hours. If that was not enough, a neon hula-hoop contest took center stage while the kid friendly mocktails quenched the thirst.  For an element of surprise at this glow party birthday, the pool was opened for late night glow-swimming and cotton candy.  Pretty darn great.  Plus, I can’t say enough great things about the cake design and confections, the great tunes, or the photos highlighting the celebration. 

kat creech events:  event design + planning  |  parallax studio:  photography  |  eb, inc events:  linen  |  bradley david:  master of tunes  | who made the cake:  birthday cakes 
glow party birthday

glow party glow party birthday KatCreechEvents_0029


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