Anh + Matt: Library Themed Wedding at Julia Ideson

Anh + Matt’s library themed wedding at Julia Ideson Library is one for the history books. Be still my heart! From the playful approach to the library card guest book to the touch of elegance found at the table design, their love for the written word was celebrated through and through. We even created a photo booth backdrop for them to enjoy as a repurposed art piece in their new home.  And, honestly, there is just nothing more endearing than the paper flowers created from the pages of a  book.

The show stopper was definitely the Edison light bulbs suspended over the tables. The historic venue’s policy does not allow for the flicker of of candle light, so we looked for a creative approach to providing the perfect amber glow. We turned to the historical Edison bulb to provide the perfect atmosphere and ambience. A grid was designed to effortlessly float over the tables allowing for the bulbs to dance the night away over the coral and ivory floral while the crystal chandeliers on the opposite tables showed their majestic tribute with electric pillar candles. All together, a breathtaking space to celebrate this sensational love. 

This library themed wedding celebrated the colors of navy, coral and ivory.  I am in love with hues of blue and truly think it will be a prominent color in 2016.  Hues of blue might just be the perfect wedding color as it represents meaning of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence.  I love a statement piece and the navy sash on the wedding gown is just the right amount of flair. 

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