David Tutera Sweetheart Table Design

David Tutera sweetheart table design at the Your Wedding Experience Houston bridal show was an area filled with inspirational beauty.  Over a dozen designers showcased sweetheart table inspiration to capture the hearts of many.   Our studio paired up with the luxury linen guru EB Inc, Events and florist extraordinaire Dream Bouquet to style a sweetheart table, representing the National Association for Catering and Events.

A sweetheart table is a small table set up for just the bride and groom at the wedding reception. The happy couple sits together, facing their guests, with their wedding attendants and families at tables in close proximity.

For the David Tutera sweetheart table design we focused on the love for all things geometric, art deco, and blue.  Hues of blues are trending as the color of 2016 and we can’t think of anything better than to celebrate this bold palette.  It is a dimensional color, one with a contemplative mood with no hard and fast rules. It is often associated with depth and stability while symbolizing trust, loyalty, and faith. Perfect additives, I think, for the newlyweds.  More importantly, when it comes to hues, we not only see color, we experience and feel color.  Blue and gold effortlessly allows for us to feel something magical.

For the base linen we selected the blue sequin and topped it was the most breathing gold overlay, resembling a knight’s armor. Seriously, I can not get enough of it.  To finish off the look, the paired the linen with the gold infinity chair and a cascading eucalyptus garland with a magnificent cluster of white stock, blue hydrangea, and white roses.  The table design focused on an asymmetrical floral centerpiece featuring delphinium, peonies, garden roses, blue hydrangea, stock, and english ivy.  To complete the look, geometric pillar candles provided a theatrical flare and a playful consistency with the place setting.  I do believe Emily Post, etiquette master would approve of this formal sweetheart table place setting.  The blue zebra charger paired perfectly with the geometric china, gold gilded silverware, and double napkin detailed is enough to make even the finest of royalty stop and gasp in delight.  As for me, I am really partial to the glassware details, but that might be me just looking for a great glass of wine.  We finished the look with a mirror table topper because everything is better in reflection. 

To be able to provide inspiration is incredible.  We hope we left the couples with a desire to create something spectacular  for their wedding atmosphere. 

photo credit:  ama by aisha 

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