Weddings in Houston Magazine Same-Sex Style Shoot

In the summer of 2013, Weddings in Houston Magazine published their first real same-sex wedding, which just happened to be a wedding KCE designed. Later in 2014, I made a request to design a same-sex wedding editorial style shoot to inspire the growing market. They published their second gay wedding in the summer of 2015, which just so happened to be a wedding also designed by KCE.   This same summer, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where they live and that states may no longer reserve the right only for heterosexual couples.  It was also this summer that Weddings in Houston Magazine launched a division of their website solely dedicated to same-sex marriage. It was then, that the firm had the humble pleasure of being asked to style a Weddings in Houston Magazine same-sex style shoot, a couture editorial piece to inspire those across this great city and beyond.  The Weddings in Houston Magazine pages are to be filled with inspiration for not only for the bride, but now couples, same-sex couples, to be exact.

The primary objective of this style shoot was to provide an element of surprise to the readers.  Something extraordinary.  Something to inspire.  Something to celebrate.  Something unexpected.   I wanted to create an atmosphere that did not stereotype what a gay couple might look like.  What do they look like, anyway?  Honestly, I think they look a lot like you and me and I think they want to celebrate their love just as anyone else.  I wanted to represent an inspirational design board that was rich in color and bold in style. The environment could represent anyone, but the focus was to represent the essence of love.

The location was to be unique and to represent the heart of the city and had a strong feeling that the recently renovated Buffalo Bayou Park would lend some inspiration.   I knew there would be something special about a table scape design placed on this oval lily pad while the banks of the bayou would be the perfect spot for a lounge setting and a cake display.  Oh, and if I could get my hands on a canoe, I was sure that a special moment would happen.

And, with that, the “Romance on the Bayou” Weddings in Houston Magazine editorial style shoot was born with the most fantastic conceptual table design, lighting elements, couture custom wedding gowns, and everything in between.  Oh the details.  I could go on for days and days about those! {scroll past the eye candy for some explanation of the glorious details}

Cheers to Love ALWAYS Winning!

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Careful selection of linens and one-of-a-kind nuances really helped this vision come to life! We started off with an oblong table top shape to compliment the oblong platform on which it was set. Multiple shades and textures of rich Burgundy Luxury Bark, Antique Dark Gold Sequin, and the bold pattern of the Mulberry Alex Damask arranged in layered draping and billowy fashion, cascading to the ground accentuated the Victorian style we set out to achieve.  To have the opportunity to utilized Wedgwood and Bently for the place settings was a dream come true.  To hold such an iconic piece just took my breath away. Glamorous glassware, handcrafted in Naples, the gold-trimmed rims effortlessly embellish each piece.  The finest stainless steel was selected for the flatware.  Utilizing a grand baroque patterned rather than gold provided for the unexpected to be showcased and mixed metals have been trending for a few years.   Lush floral composed of gold leaf hydrangea, purple hydrangea, pink floyd roses, hearts roses, free spirit roses, blueberry roses, seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, burgundy dahlias, pink calcynia and birch branches created large single garland, measuring 8’ in length.  The garland was elevated by three mirrored gold pillars  which gave the appearance of a floating cloud of graceful floral. Amidst this garland in the sky masterpiece,  four gold antique mercury glass compotes with coordinating florals, alternated the mirrored pillars.  Effortlessly designed so that the floral from each touched ever so slightly, mimicking the garland above. Completing the look were gold rimmed footed candle holders and gold pillar candle holders.

In order to perfectly blend the sultry and rich Victorian inspired ambiance that defied traditional standards, a lounge was placed on the bank of the bayou. The grey tufted linen lounge set combined a sofa with a dramatic high back chair from SoHo House and fantastic pillows which match the table linens.  A perfect location to enjoy a glass of French champagne out of the delicate Massena crystal champagne coupe.

The cake display, placed on the opposite side of the bayou showcased a variety of Victorian-inspired cakes and cookies.  Utilizing a vintage mirror and gold wooden dinning table, the decadent cake masterpieces were placed on crystal pedestals, while the sugar cookies made their debut on the three-tier gold gilded stands. The cake table featured a trio of buttercream cakes enrobed in white chocolate fondant and adorned with baroque inspired hand-painted metallic gold detailing. The focal cake was composed of four magenta tiers of varying heights with elaborate metallic gold ornate molded filigree details. It was flanked by two three-tier ivory creations, featuring metallic gold lattice and vertical gold striped rope.  All three were finished with a sugar flower. The sugar cookies were also adorned with intricate hand-painted metallic gold molding and lace detail.  They were nestled amongst a floral garland cascading down on the three-tier gold gilded antique pedestal.

Oh, the models! There is nothing better than perfect models capturing the style and mood effortlessly. Just breathtaking. The gowns were a custom creation from a salon who’s mission statement is to be a quirky and a little offbeat. To grace the pages of the Weddings in Houston Magazine, our stylist did not disappoint. The “Angelina” gown was an experiment in dramatic minimalism. The delivery was perfect. The “Kennedy” dress was an evolution from a retired monochromatic striped satin ballgown.  By extending it to a drop waist, it not only allowed for a black san belt accent, but it also allowed for the skirt to be removed into a unique reception dress.  For this gown, an edgy, but soft look was achieved by manipulating hand-cut tulle and chiffon underskirt in black and ivory, making a audacious statement.  I will be forever grateful for our dress designer to allow for her gowns to take a trip down Buffalo Bayou!


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