The Design Aspect: 

Thank you for reaching out to Kat Creech Events and congratulations on your wedding adventure!  What an exciting time.  Our firm is a national award-winning wedding design and planning firm who takes extraordinary ideas and creates epic realities for our clients. We believe brand and design is essential to any event, focusing on the core of the client, and it is all about the little details.  In the end, it creates a custom atmosphere true to you as a person/couple rather just completing a check list.  I would say our expertise is all about “ fusion” as our couples stories start from all parts of the world.  Because of our unique niche, we like to start off our conversation with a 15-20 minute phone call as it allows for us to get to know your needs and wants.  This allows us to tailor an email to your interests and allow for better information to be given to you.  As far as fees, we would to present these to you after the call so we can tailor the information to you.

You can find some great reviews on line at and the, which is filled with lots of wedding stories and images.  Oh, and the Instagram feed is my favorite::  @katcreechevents

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