Mandi’s Vintage Bridal Portrait

If you haven’t noticed that vintage is a strong trend in the wedding market you have probably been hiding under a rock.  Vintage is everywhere you look, even Anthropologie has purchased a ticket to ride the trend train.  I personally love the vintage trend and with five events on the books this year with a vintage theme, all of which are very different, I am having a good time on my playground.

We just finished up Mandi and Dustin’s wedding, which by the way was beyond amazing, and I finally get to reveal the vintage bridal portrait shoot we did several months ago.

Lacy, her very best friend, maid of honor, and amateur photographer, received the privilege of shooting the bridal portraits for the day.  I had the pleasure of executing the shoot, a very different role for me, as my professional photographers usually do the guidance, while I merely take the role of being the handler, the dress carrier, and the whatever support guru.  Really, I stand behind the photographer and act like a nut….as natural laughter after all does make for the best picture.

Mandi has a passion for books and trees so I used that passion for inspiration.  I found an awesome rare book store called Becker Books, a hidden gem in this great city.  Check it out. It rocks. After a little stop at a store called Anthropologie, we headed to the park to be one with nature. Mandi had some fun tricks she wanted to incorporate, my favorite being the fabulous turquoise and black boots. I was hoping I did such a good job she would gift them to me.  Wishful thinking.

The burst of yellow is brought to you by Dream Bouquet.
Enjoy some of my favorite highlights.

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