Wedding Design at the Houston Bridal Extravaganza

Wedding design for us starts with a few questions to understand a clients style. It has to do with where they eat, where they shop, and what their home (or future home) looks like.  It has to do with textures, flavors, touch, sound, and sight. The five senses, if you will. These, in our opinion, are the basis of a good wedding design.

When putting together a conceptual table design, these items resonate during the process. It is creating something interesting which appeals to the senses and makes you feel something wonderful when you see it.  It makes you dream. It makes you imagine what life would be like if you were sitting at the table experiencing the aromas and embracing the atmosphere.

During the remarkable July Bridal Extravaganza Show held at the George R Brown Convention Center, we had the opportunity to transform our space into something magical.  With a ribbon wall, a custom shelf, a zinc table, one-of-a-kind green chiavari chairs, and a breathless tablescape, we did what we set out to achieve.  Hope it makes you have a little dream as well for your next event.

Thanks to our good friend and colleague Steve Lee for capturing a few highlights.

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