Kat Creech Named Top 25 Event Professional to Watch

Kat Creech has been named Top 25 Event Professional to Watch by Special Events Magazine.  Every year, the advisory board of Special Events singles out 25 young event professional across the nation to watch, saluting their brains, talent, and vision.  It is a trusted resource for event industry professionals and to receive this honor is beyond humbling.  Special thanks to my dear colleague Lisa Hopkins, Director of Catering at the Houstonian Hotel, who nominated me for this prestigious recognition.

I love being able to create epic events for our clients and owning Kat Creech Events has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my time in the special events industry.  I never have a to exist inside the box and the dreams I can bring to life for my clients are endless.  Our passion is to create unique events while telling a story that is core to the personality of our clients.  Being named as on of the top 25 event professional to watch in wedding planning and event design is the icing on the cake!

I would say one of the first questions that you get while mentoring the young minds is “how and why did you get into event planning and designing?”  For me, the question is a a perplexing one as I really can’t remember that exact “ah-ha” moment.  Perhaps subconsciously I knew this industry was for me when I was young and prepared dinners for my parents.  While the menu only consisted of hot dogs, peanut butter sandwiches, and hamburgers with cookies for dessert, the table was set, the napkin was folded with a menu card placed on top,  the candles were lit, and the lights were dimmed.  I remembering making my little brother be the maitre d’ as I anxiously waited for them to come home from work.   Or, perhaps it could have been years later in college when a corporate manager wanted to steal me from college to become a regional training manager for a new steak house opening across Texas.  Fortunately, I stayed with the education track as I knew my destiny would be far greater.  Maybe it was my competitive nature and desire to always be the best in whatever I did.  From debate to dance, I lead the team to practice, to do better, and to win.  Whatever the inspiration, I believe you are inherently born with the trait to be a leader, an entrepreneur, and have a passion for serving people.  Truth be told, not all people have those traits.  There have to be leaders and there have to be workers.  It makes the world work.  Whatever the inspiration was, at some point all of them inspired me to be an event planner and designer.  Along the way, it was always important for me for me to give the very best to my staff, employees, clients, and mentees.

Kat Kat Creech Named Top 25 Event Professionals by Special Events Kat Creech Named Top 25 Event Professionals by Special Events

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