Science Themed Birthday Bash

A science theme was the thesis for this ten and six year old birthday bash.  It was deemed the #bestday ever.  The birthday lab was set with fruit to create molecular fruit modeling, jello bacteria petri dishes, hummus orbs, vegetable capsules, experimental popcorn flavor combinations, beaker inspired cake pops, out of this world cake push pops, test tube asteroids, and much, much more.  Not one, but two cakes were featured for these two mad scientists. The blue linens gave a playful nod t0 the science theme and the adorable centerpieces were beakers filled with soft floral.  Dry ice, always a science favorite, was introduced at the beverage station, featuring fortified fermentation #42, vegetized H2O, and social lubciant. 

After a few DIY experiments, such as elephant toothpaste and the infamous mentos-coke experiment, the Mad Scientist took the stage for an incredible show.  From the effects of acetone to the memsimizing results from the force of water vortex, it was interactive, engaging, and a generally interesting show.   But, nothing is better than the science of cotton candy and the flavored dry ice experiment.  For real, the highlight of the show. 

kat creech events:  event design + planning  |  melange event:  catering |  who made the cake:  cakes and confections | eb,inc events:  linens |  ama by aisha:  photography

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