US Vets Midtown Terrace Kitchen

The Guitars n’ Cars mission of raising funds to build out a state of the art kitchen facility  for the US Vets Midtown Terrace Kitchen was able to say their project was complete.  Under the watchful eye of the Houston Industries Construction Charities, several firms, countless hours, relentless dedications, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and endless support from volunteers, brought together a a vision.  A vision to build a kitchen facility for the men and women who serve our country and need a helping hand in getting back on their feet.   It is one of the many reasons why I love Houston.

The Clunn’s have been in our family since Kaleigh + Jared celebrated their love. It has been an honor to assist in the Guitars n’ Cars events over the years pushing this project forward. By no means is this end, but the beginning of ensuring there are finances to maintain it’s operation.   There will indeed be more Guitars n’ Cars!

Cheers to the US Vets and Congrats!

kat creech events:  design + event planning  |  monkey tree photography:  photos  | over the top:  linen  |  behind the bash:  catering

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VetsCenter-1001 ev13_VetsCenter-1003 ev13_VetsCenter-1133 ev13_VetsCenter-1135


ev13_VetsCenter-1005 ev13_VetsCenter-1085

US Vets Midtown Terrace Kitchen

The leaders of the project.

ev13_VetsCenter-1009 US Vets Midtown Terrace Kitchen

US Vets Midtown Terrace Kitchen US Vets Midtown Terrace Kitchen ev13_VetsCenter-1119

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