Anthony + Richard’s Commitment Ceremony

Anthony + Richard’s commitment ceremony at The Sam Houston Hotel reminds us that love is love and indeed has no boundaries.  Love the one you want, I always say. We are more than thrilled that Anthony + Richard entered into our lives. Not only do they have a love as grand as anyone, but they are generally great people with hearts of gold.  We can say the same about their family and entire guest list.  Really.  We do make a wedding beautiful, filled with all the  little details and personal touches, but the people really make the party and the memories.  And, boy did they!  But, boy, did we have fun designing this wedding!

Everywhere you look, it is just beautiful, and we are not just talking about the people….even though they were pretty too!   How can you go wrong with a beautiful ceremony backdrop and boxwoods accented with Balushka’s Paper Floral Artistry?…surrounded by some of the best and most lush flowers highlighted with perfect lighting…not to mention the fun accents of bow-ties, acrylic chiavari/tiffany chairs, epic cake design, and the softest linen in the city! That’s just the beginning!   The fun begins with a great guy who can spin some serious tunes, a fog machine, a choreographed first dance not to be out done by the Mother/Son choreography dance, but they did break out in the running man, so that does deserve a mention.  After dinner, we moved into the Hora Loca, also known as the crazy hour, filled with the best silt-walker in town, professional dancers, and enough chotchkies to make your head spin. This wedding party just went up another notch!  Oh, and I should mention that Anthony had a bow-tie-shoe-shirt-change for every scene. That boy is after our heart with his details, details, details!  So, you need to catch your breath?  No problem, just step in the foyer for a little fun at the photo booth and grab a little sugar from over-the-top-delicious-candy bar.  A little know fact:: Anthony + Richard have a caricature rendered whenever they travel.  Perfect backdrop for the candy bar, we think.  Sugar high?…back to the party and those phenomenal dance moves!   We finish the night off with more great tunes and colorful confetti…because everyone deserves a little color in their life!

Hope you like the images and video as much as we do.  Huge props to the 1 Cinema Production team for capturing every single detail of the design, not to mention being at the right place at the right time to capture the tender moments, the laughter, and all of the fun!   {video is at the bottom of the blog post.  we always save the best for last….so, don’t miss out}

kat creech events:  wedding design + planning  | the sam houston hotel:  venue  |  dream bouquet:   floral  |  bright star productions:  lighting  |  divisi strings: cermeony + cocktail music  | red door events:  reception music  |  susie’s cakes + confections:  wedding cake  |  j&d entertainment:  hora loca |  fun pix photo booth:  photo booth |  floral eventi:  linens + chair rental  |  darryl & co: ceremony backdrop and drape  |  swift & co:  tables, boxwoods + dance floor  | fung’s candy bar:  candy bar  |  paper floral artistry:  paper flowers  |  von w. hair spa:  hair  |  makeup by candy dolls:  make up


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Just how much fun are Anthony + Richard?….well, they invited us into the formal photo time. No boring stances here.


Once upon a time there were three very different little girls & a boy who grew up to be four very different event planners with four things in common: they’re brilliant, they’re beautiful, they’re amazing, and they work for me. We go by Charlie.

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