Bridal Extravaganza Show Couture Lounge

While it is hard to establish a true date on the first marriage, there are currently 2.5 million weddings annually with an empire worth 40 billion dollars.  It wasn’t until the Roman civilization that women were able to choose their spouse and it wasn’t until the 1960s and 1970s that we saw the movement of wedding ceremonies out of the church.  And, the wedding phenomenal continues to grow.   TV personalities, national wedding blogs, pinterest,  google images, and much more allow for the bride and groom to be continually inspired.  The Bridal Extravaganza Show Couture Lounge is where brides meet to find all things wedding to make sense of all the inspiration! The Couture Lounge specifically is the VIP ticket to meet some of the best in the industry, the best of bridal gowns, and the best in couture flowers.  It is the front row seat for the bride and groom who expect the very best in wedding design…and perhaps, something a little bit different.

The Bridal Extravaganza Show brings together the who who’s in the industry to showcase their product and help provide inspiration.  Over the two-day weekend, the bride-to-be can witness the best in fashion, floral, linen, photographers, DJs, cake, planners, and everything in between. Seriously, the list could go on forever.  There are a million choices out there and there has never been a better time to have a wedding designer and planner to help make since of all of those options.  

At the January show we paired up with LG Entertainment and Arteflora Design to design the Bridal Extravaganza Show Couture Lounge. Our clients all have a common dominator: to be unique and true to their personality while celebrating their love with friends and family.  So, together, we had a playground where we designed two spaces in one area: vintage and modern blended together with the color of tiffany. The vintage was soft hemstitch linen complemented with lattice china and eucalyptus balls.  The centerpiece was nothing better than free standing bouquets running the length of the table.  The modern brought together the drama of black and acrylic.  With the CB2 glass balls seen everywhere, it was fun to put them into a floral application, placed every so gently and held in place with monofilament.  A stunning art piece indeed. 

The center of the design space brought together a white circle dance floor with beautiful acrylic chiavari chairs leading to the ceremony in the center.  The idea:  everyone has a front row seat to see the bride take her walk.  And, just because everyone needs a little color in their life, we did ribbon chairs in a variety of colors.   

Finally, the cake is one of the most highlighted items at any wedding.  Many years ago, I came across this GoGo Cage and as with all designers, we never use an item for its original intention, and I knew some day I would suspend a cake from this 6′ beast. I saw a birdcage and a perfect tie-in to the vintage craze.  Nothing better than this beautiful cake from Who Made The Cake to complete the dream.

 It was truly a great honor to work along side LG Entertainment, with their lighting design concepts and Arteflora, who has an incredible unique approach to couture flowers.  Her couture bouquets alone are a show stopper!

Photo credit:  John Ly Photography

Special thanks to Swift + Co and Elegant Beginnings.

Bridal Extravaganza Show Couture Lounge


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Bridal Extravaganza Show Couture Lounge kceDesgin10 kceDesgin11 Bridal Extravaganza Show Couture Lounge Bridal Extravaganza Show Couture Lounge Bridal Extravaganza Show Couture Lounge

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