Modern Luxury Houston Brides Magazine Feature

 Caroline + Ian’s modern peacock wedding at The Crystal Ballroom is featured in the latest edition of Modern Luxury Houston Brides Magazine.  It was all about subtle peacock hints, such as cascading floral centerpieces seen within the centerpieces, complimented with the dramatic effect of the 7′ floral peacock named Priscilla (the nickname we gave this bird) perched 15′ in the air showcasing the sleek 360 degree bar as the nucleus of the event space.   You would see this modern peacock wedding inspiration in the shoes (oh-my-gosh-those-shoes), the stationary, the teal sash cascading down the chiavari  gold chairs, and I would be remised if we didn’t jump and down about the wedding cake.  It’s is just beyond epic.    Oh, I could also stare at her bouquet all day long!  To check out the details in all of their glory, click here.  Pick up the latest edition of Modern Luxury Houston Brides Magazine and head to their website to enjoy this real wedding feature along with all the other glorious trends happening in the industry. 

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Modern Luxury Houston Brides Magazine

BBHO July 2014

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