Stephanie + Samuel: Harry Potter Wedding

For Stephanie and Samuel, popping the question was to be an iconic moment like none other, and celebrate the true passion of a common interest. A trip over 5,000 miles to the one and only Surbiton station in Surrey (featured in a key scene in a Harry Potter film) was the perfect platform to pop that romantic question.  It was such an exciting moment and the story was picked up by dozens of media outlets. You can glimpse a few articles here and here and here. Even the local Houston Chronicle picked up the story.

This wedding adventure was all about celebrating the love of all things Harry Potter, but it was not just a “theme”, it was a common bond which resonated with each of them.  This Harry Potter Wedding was about more than just a few chotskies. Each item held a very special story and were strategically placed to capture their love story.  This journey was about transforming and styling an environment to evoke a cohesive feeling of Hogwarts by incorporating the feeling of the Forbidden Forest and the Great Hall.

The internationally media loved this wedding and it has gone viral! Take a glimpse of some of the articles:

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We love a great theme, especially if it tells a story!  I would like to take you on the journey, behind the scenes, of how this wedding story was written.

The custom crest, which had a reoccurring role throughout the event stationary was  a reflection of Sam and Stephanie’s spirit guardian, known as a patronus in the Harry Potter books. The fox is Stephanie’s patronous and the owl is Samuel’s. The momiji tree at the top of the crest pays homage to Japan, where they met and fell in love. The large S in the middle is for their first names.  The invitation, Daily Prophet program, menu cards, escort cards, and place cards all played tribute to the custom crest. I have a feeling this crest will live a legacy in their life for many years to come.   The Daily Prophet program, which was a play off the newspaper seen in the books and movies, was created to provide a little humor and trivia facts of the couple. Naturally, I knew there needed to be a quidditch concept brought into this wedding design, so the escort cards were arranged around quidditch goalposts. The stationary was complete with a circle menu card and raised crest accent, and if you look closely, we labeled the course titles with the appropriate Latin words. But, the napkin quill and feather ink accent immediately drew your eyes to the place cards.  In truth, I do love an epic napkin accent.

But…I bet what you really want to know about is the ceremony and the owl. Guests were welcomed into the space to the tunes of John Williams’ “Hedwig’s Theme” by the string quartet. If you are a HP fan, you know just how great this composition is. But, yes, Widget (the owl) stole the show and it is perfectly okay with all of us.  The ceremony setting was what we thought it would look like if you were in the Forbidden Forest.  There would be a  perfect clearing, lined with trees, leading to the perfect wall where wild flowers and vines would grow. It is here where true love would be revealed in the movies and when an owl might deliver the perfect message right on cue. Well, in our movie, anyway.  Our reality might be a little more refined, but I think we delivered it perfectly.  The aisle runner is indeed pages from books 1-7 of Harry Potter.  I promise they were well loved paperbacks and on their way to retirement.  It was the perfect “recycle” for a love this grand.  After an emotional ceremony, which is by far the most personal one I have ever witnessed, the rings were presented by none other than Widget.  One may ask how I thought of or know of such an owl to perform this deed, but that my friends is a story to be shared over a glass of wine.  It definitely gives a new meaning to “wing-bearer”.

Before we get to the Great Hall, you know, the place where over 85 suspended candles flickered above the acrylic black dance floor, the little details continued to play a supporting role in the overall design.   The cocktail hour showcased a rustic trunk, much like the ones the wizards would transport their books and robes in, to collect cards and gifts.  They would “sort” those out later.  The photo booth backdrop was a 8×8 greenery wall, complimented with Harry Potter die-cut props.  We selected a worn leather journal for guest to leave a copy of their photo strip and a sweet note.  I was super excited to find a miniature frame, the perfect size, to place the crest in, which allowed for continued personalization.  Signature cocktails are always a perfect addition to any styled wedding and these portion inspired beverages did not disappoint.   To understand their role into the wedding story, we added a couple of quotes from the novel to tie together their reference.   Oh dear, they were as delicious as they were deadly.  All additional Harry Potter props were from the couples personal extensive collection.

The Great Room. Breathtaking. Transformed. Magical. And, I dare say Wizardly Perfect! The nucleus of the space, the black acrylic dance floor where the candles danced effortlessly above, showcased the crest one more time.  The lighting projection was truly instrumental in creating the atmosphere. You really can’t have a Harry Potter wedding without candles dancing in the air, so we did just that.  The color palette selected had everything to do with their Hogworth’s house in which they believe they would belong to if the sorting hat ever was placed on their head.  Slytherin for Stephanie and and Gryffindor for Samuel. The platinum linens became the quinessential foundation for the hunter green accents and wild collection of floral.  The bridal bouquet {wow!, insn’t it amazing} and the centerpieces showcased some of my favorites.  Never in my life time did I think I would ever bring all of these together in one playground. Go ahead, google them all and enjoy their beauty:: pink protea, white freesia, Juliet garden roses, echeveria, white and green parrot tulips, baby blue eucalyptus, jasmine vine, silver dollar eucalyptus,  peach stock, white wax flower, peach spray roses, and carnivorous sarracenia plant.  Swoon!

For the wedding cake, you may be wondering why this was not themed.  Well, that would be expected, wouldn’t it. I jest. In truth, sometimes simple elegance speaks volumes. A classic buttercream full of flavor would be perfectly stated on a table skirted with greenery.   For the groom’s cake we did play homage to Sam’s favorite childhood movie, My Neighborhood Totoro, a 1988 Japanese animated fantasy film. The tree bark inspired cake  included the ai ai gas {live umbrella}, their names noted in Japanese writing, and of course the three totoro characters for the cake topper.

For the departure, confetti and lots of it!!  The ones we purchased gave a real punch!  So much so, you could barely make out the couple in the colorful paradise.

recipe to #makeepichappen

kat creech events:  wedding stylist + planner | bell tower on 34th: venue | catch the moment:  photo booth | dream bouquet:  floral designer | divisi strings:  ceremony music | dju productions: lighting design |  eb, inc:  linen design |  edible design by jessie:  wedding cakes |  faces by jeanni:  hair + makeup  | lg entertainment:  reception music |  mike’s dance floor:  black dance floor |  steve lee wedding: photography + cinema

ivory bridal atelier:  bridal salon | alvina valenta: wedding gown |  kristin johnston: alterations

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